Quarterly Contracts Award (QCA) Regime

On July 11, 2006, a Requisition regarding the provision of Government contract award particulars was issued to all Procuring Public Bodies by the Office of the Contractor General (OCG).

The Requisition required every Procuring Public Body to submit to the Contractor General, Quarterly Contract Award (QCA) Reports of the particulars of contracts which are awarded by it which are of a value of J$250,000 to J$3,999,999.99. The regulatory regime was expressed to apply to all classifications of Government contracts which are awarded as of May 1, 2006.

This July 11, 2006 issued Requisition was, however, superseded in its entirety by a Revised Requisition that was issued by the Contractor-General on November 20, 2008 to all Procuring Public Bodies. This Revised Requisition was made as a consequence of the issuance of Circular #36, dated September 22, 2008, by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, which advised, inter alia, that the prior endorsement of the National Contracts Commission (NCC) is now required for Government contract award recommendations that are above $10 Million in value.

The Revised OCG Requisition, dated November 20, 2008, states that, commencing with contracts that are awarded as at October 1, 2008, every Procuring Public Body is required to prepare, certify and submit, directly to the Contractor General, a Quarterly Contract Award (QCA) Report comprising the particulars of each contract which it has awarded whenever such contract is of a value of between J$275,001 and J$10,000,000.

Further to same, and by way of Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Circular No. 16 dated May 14, 2012, Procuring Entities were advised that the approval thresholds for the procurement of goods, services and works had been increased. The Circular indicated, inter alia, that the endorsement/approval of the National Contracts Commission is now required for contracts above $15,000,000, with effective date of May 14, 2012. Accordingly, the OCG has amended its QCA Reporting requirements in keeping with this directive.

Subsequent to this change the OCG changed the reporting requirement to a web based system. By way of requisition letter dated June 25, 2012, all Procuring Public Bodies were informed that QCA reports must be prepared and submitted using the newly created OCG QCA Web Portal.

Commencing with contracts that were awarded as at July 1, 2012, the revised QCA report captures all contracts which were awarded above J$500,001 to infinity in value. The report further captures additional information such as the tender opening date and approvals received. The newly developed system now allows Public Bodies the ability to provide justifications for the use of Direct Contracting or Limited Tender over a certain value. Additionally, Public Bodies are able to insert comments for each contract reported, as needed.

QCA Reports must be submitted to the OCG, electronically using the web portal format and by hard copy formats, within 30 days of the ending of the calendar quarter to which they apply.

Because QCA Reports are required to be filed after, and not before, the contracts are awarded, the QCA Regime does not create a "bottle-neck" in the procurement process nor does it extend the time which it would otherwise take for a Pubic Body to award a Government contract.

Please click on the links below to see a copy of the Requisition or to download a copy of the Instructions for completing the fields within the portal.

You may also view samples of completed QCA Report forms below. QCA Sample #1 shows how a QCA Report form should be properly completed when there are contract awards to report. QCA Sample #2, on the other hand, shows how a QCA Report form should be completed when there are no contract awards to report.

Sample #1

Completed QCA report form with contracts

Sample #2

 Completed QCA report with not contracts to report

Should you have any questions whatsoever concerning the QCA Report Requisition, please do not hesitate to contact the OCG in the care of its QCA Coordinator and/or the Senior Director at 876-929-6460.

Special Notice

Public Bodies are reminded that the hard copy version of the Report form must be an exact replica of the completed electronic version which has been submitted via the web portal to the OCG. The hard copy version must also include the name, title, and signature of the Certifying Principal or Accounting Officer.

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