Welcome to the Office of the Contractor General

The Contractor General is an independent, anti-corruption Commission of Parliament. It was established by the Contractor General Act in 1986.

The main objective of the Office of the Contractor General is to ensure that the public sector procurement process delivers value to the tax-payer, is merit based, is free from corruption, impropriety and irregularity and is transparent, impartial, competitive, fair, efficient and effective. Its primary functions are the monitoring and investigation of the award of Government contracts, licenses and permits.

The Contractor General is appointed by the Governor General, by instrument under the Broad Seal, after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. In the exercise of his statutory powers, a Contractor General is not subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority. The current Contractor General is Attorney-at-law, Dirk Harrison. 

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Children's Corner

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