Essay and Poster Competition 2015 Awardees

Poster Awardees

1st Place

Omario Kelvin, Chetwood Memorial Primary

Omario Kelvin
Chetwood Memorial Primary

2nd Place

Shae-on Green, Glenmuir High School

Shae-on Green
Glenmuir High School

3rd Place

 Kevina Blake & Pa’vielle Hamilton, Edith Dalton James High School

Kevina Blake & Pa’vielle Hamilton
Edith Dalton James High School


Essay Awardees

1st Place

Nastassia Grossett
William Knibb Memorial High School

Corruption, which is defined as the abuse of public office for private gains (Bracking, 2010), is a debilitating cancer which aggressively erodes the cogs of a country's machinery thereby bringing production and growth to a grinding halt. It is practically impossible for production, social and economic advancement, equality and transparency to coexist with such a malady. for many years Jamaica has been grappling with this scourge, but the fight it seems, has left Jamaica socially bruised and financially battered...Click here to read more


2nd Place

Karen Kamesha Nembhard
Ardenne High School

There he goes, poor Jack, climbing up the beanstalk once more to feed himself and his widowed mother. He grabs the golden harp while the giant snores but this time it's different. The harp screamed out to its owner. This was completely unexpected because not even the goose that laid golden eggs made a sound. Jack ran out, still clutching the terrified harp in his arms. He jumped down the beanstalk, grabbed an axe and chopped it down. He not only destroyed the tree but witnessed the fall of the mighty Giant. "Jack and the Beanstalk" is a seemingly innocent story that is constantly perpetuated to toddlers. What we fail to realize as a society is that this story embodies the definition of corruption from a youth's perspective...Click here to read more


3rd Place

Justin-Timothy Frater
Cornwall College

What is this insanity which pervades all levels of the hierarchy of our society? What causes men to abandon justice and equity to pursue a path which satisfies their greed? What disease sucks the life out of our beautiful island, Jamaica? Undeniably, the monster of corruption plagues our society and is unraveling our societal framework to obscurity. Additionally, social issues like extra-judicial killings, mismanagement of public funds and parliamentary "cussing" fiascos are just a few symptoms of the disease of corruption...Click here to read more