Contracts Endorsed by the National Contracts Commission (NCC)

Pursuant to the requirements of Circular #16, which was issued by the Ministry of Finance and Planning on May 14, 2012, recommendations for the award of all Government contracts that are above $15 Million in value, must be independently reviewed, scrutinized and endorsed by the NCC before the contract can be awarded by the recommending Public Body or Government agency.

Where a Government contract is valued at above $40 Million, the recommendation must also be endorsed by the Cabinet prior to the award being made. 

Prior to May 14, 2012, what obtained was that contracts that were of a value of J$10 Million and above, required the endorsement of the NCC. 

Please use the controls below to view the list of the Government contract award recommendations which have been reviewed, scrutinized and endorsed by the NCC for a particular month. If you wish to view the consolidated database of all contracts endorsed by the NCC, please click here

Disclaimer: It is important to note that the contracts which are included in this list are not necessarily an indication of the actual contracts which have been subsequently awarded. Contracts are typically awarded by the relevant contracting Public Body or Government agency following after endorsement by the NCC or by the Cabinet.